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Essay on Internet 1000 Words For Students & Children

Essay on the Internet- The Internet is a collection of connected computers through gateways by which the information that is stored in databases/servers is transferred from one computer to another. It is a global system where networks are connected through standardized communication protocols.

The Internet helps in getting worldwide information online from any place in the world. It connects people all over the world. At present, the internet has become a part of life. In today’s world life cannot imagine without the internet.

The youngest generation, adults, and kids heavily depend on the internet. With the help of the internet, we can run social media and search for anything related to studies, business, jobs, etc. It is helping us to find a restaurant, café, and hotel.

Essay on Internet

The Internet has brought a lot of changes to our society. Almost everything these days has gone online. It is used for online banking transactions, paying bills, and buying products like books, electronic gadgets, etc. It is a network of networks in which users can get information from any other computer. On the internet, one can send emails, messages, documents, and files from one person to another person.

The internet has a lot of information on various topics. Many websites provide detailed information about various necessary aspects of life. Search engines like Google and Yahoo help us in accessing this information easily. Students use the internet to research various topics and relearn the topics taught in school. It is also helpful for gaining information related to curriculum, exams, results, etc. with the help of the Internet.

Benefit of Internet

For education, the purpose of the internet is very useful. Students and kids can learn many things through the Internet. They can carry out their project work, do online study, and read through the internet. Now all schools, Colleges have their own websites from which students and parents get all the information about academics.

Through the internet, we can communicate throughout the world to anyone through video calls, chats, e-mails, etc. The internet can be accessed by anyone at any time at any place. It is spread all over the world. The Internet carries a vast range of information. It has the very biggest capacity for storing information. It is used for blogging means we can share our views all over the world.

Internet Addiction

It is a new-age addiction that is known to have gripped people around the world. Several people belonging to different age groups have been affected by this addiction; though, it is more prevalent among the youth. People turn to the internet to find solace, kill boredom, and bring some fun into their lives.

Social media connection worldwide

The Internet is an enormous source of entertainment and it is hard to resist the addictive stuff it has to offer. However, it is essential to keep a check on your internet use to ensure you do not get addicted to it. It has a major impact on a person’s brain functions. Many internet addicts develop depression and anxiety issues. Their physical health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and hypertension.


The Internet made our lives very comfortable as well as interesting. The Internet is very useful in many ways. The over usage of the internet is also bad for mental, physical, and social health. So we must use it for our welfare. So it’s our parent’s duty to teach kids how to use the internet efficiently.

Some important facts about the Internet

1. The Internet was invented by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf.
2. The full form of the internet is the International Network.
3. Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.
4. Vinton Gray Cerf – widely known as a “Father of the internet”.
2. The full form of the Internet is the International Network.

Some important Questions about the Internet

  • The Internet is a globally connected network system that uses TCP/IP to transmit data via various types of media.
  • The internet originated with the U.S. government, which began building a computer network in the 1960s known as ARPANET.
  • In 1985, the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) commissioned the development of the university network backbone called NSFNET.
  • World Wide Web is software that is used to retrieve the information requested by users.

What is Net Neutrality?

It is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet equally and not discriminate or charge differently by users, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE (Voice over long-term evolution). It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network. It carries the ability to use data at the same time and more network efficiency, which translates into better service.

What is Internet Banking?

Internet banking, sometimes called online banking, is an outgrowth of PC banking. It uses the internet as the delivery channel by which to conduct banking activity. An Internet banking customer accesses his or her accounts from browser software that runs Internet banking programs resident on the bank’s World Wide Web server, not on the user’s PC.

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