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CBSE Digital Education

Welcome to CBSE Digital Education.  On this website, we share all the information related to the latest information regarding CBSE, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, CUET, CTET, CBSE Training Portal, and other Education News.

What is CBSE Digital Education?

CBSE Digital Education is an Education Blog Website that provides information on various topics. This blog website started in April 2020.  The work of collecting information on various topics on this website and spreading it to the readers is done by the CBSE Digital Education Team. Our blog has also played an interesting role in making large amounts of content available on the internet on various subjects.

Why was CBSE Digital Education started?

CBSE Digital Education was launched by Mukesh Kumar in 2020 to provide all types of updates to the students of the CBSE board. Mukesh Kumar is the founder of CBSE Digital Education and he used to teach CBSE board students before 2020. After the lockdown, we created this blog website and started making our previous knowledge available to all CBSE board students in online mode.

Who is the founder of CBSE Digital Education?

The founder of CBSE Digital Education is Mukesh Kumar who has 8 years of experience in the education industry. This education blog website was started to spread our knowledge to the world.

CBSE Digital Education
Founder of CBSE Digital EducationMukesh Kumar
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Team Member of CBSE Digital Education

Mukesh KumarFounder & Content HeadMukesh Kumar graduated from Anugrah Narayan College, Patna in 2018 (BCA). He started cbsedigitaleducation.com, India’s Leading educational platform for CBSE Students in 2020.
Dipki KumariContent ManagerDipki Kumari is a Content Manager at CBSE Digital Education. She has completed a BA in Economics. She has previously worked as a Senior Content Writer.
Subhash KumarContent WriterSubhash Kumar is a Content Writer at CBSE Digital Education. He has completed a B.SC in 2018.

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