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CBSE Free Online Training Session for Teachers & Principals 2024

CBSE Free Online Training Session for Teachers & Principals 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organizes free training every month, which teachers of CBSE schools can attend, for they have to register for the training of their choice. If you want to know all the information about the CBSE Free Teacher Training Program, then read this article completely.

CBSE Digital Education provides all important information regarding the CBSE Free Online Teacher Training. Read this complete article till the end for complete information about this teacher training program.

CBSE Free Online Training Session 2024 for Teachers at

Free Online Continuous Professional Development Program for Teachers & Principals: Intending to update the efficiency of teachers of CBSE-affiliated schools during the state of this COVID Pandemic and provide them with an opportunity to make them stress-free, the board suggests they be involved in continuous professional development (CPD).

The New National Education Policy 2020 states that teachers and principals are expected to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities each year for their professional development, motivated by their interests.

CBSE Free Online Training Session

In this context, the CBSE board has decided to conduct free online training sessions for teachers every month. Each session will be of one-hour duration. The session will focus on various aspects of teaching-learning practices, innovative learning, Integration of life skills in classrooms and everyday life, integration of arts, sports, and ICT in classrooms, blended learning, 21st-century skills, child psychology, Cybersecurity, and other relevant areas. Details of the session will be available on the CBSE training portal.

The training sessions are planned to be completed based on the needs, interests, areas of ​​expertise, and acquired abilities of around 10 lakh teachers of the CBSE family. Therefore,  it is advisable that teachers choose the most appropriate session and not join the race for online certificate collection.

To promote the practice of selecting appropriate sessions, a provision has been made that “a teacher is eligible for two free sessions per month out of all the sessions prescribed by the different Centres of Excellence of the board.

How to Register for CBSE Free Online Training Session?

Step I: Press the link given hereRegister for the CBSE Free Online Session.

Step II: Now, Click here to register for a Free Online Session (Shown on the Screen).

Step III: The registration process for free online sessions will be the same as for paid online sessions.

  • For any query related to the sessions/certificates please contact the respective CoE on the email ID given here – Visit Query Contact Page 
  • Please mention Your name, School Name, Topic of the session, Time, and Date of the session in the email for a timely response.

For Conduct Of CBSE Free Training Session

  • The participation link with instructions will be sent by the respective Center of Excellence (COE).
  • Attend the session according to the instructions of the respective COE sent to your registered email ID. (Please check the email ID twice at the time of registration).
  • A ‘link for assessment’ will be shared at the end of each session, with some questions related to the content of the sessions. Based on your performance in the evaluation, your presence on the training portal will be marked by the COE in the next two working days.
  • The platform for these teacher training sessions will be CISCO-WEBEX

How to download the CBSE free teacher training Certificate?

CBSE keeps launching online training programs from time to time. On this website, you keep getting all the information related to Teacher Training Program and Teacher Jobs.

We hope that after reading this article you have got detailed information about CBSE Free Online Training Session. If you want to ask any queries regarding the CBSE Free Online Training Session then message us in the comment section, and we will reply to you soon.

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My Name is Mukesh Kumar. I am a Teacher, Blogger, Educational Content Writer, and Founder of CBSE Digital Education.

60 thoughts on “CBSE Free Online Training Session for Teachers & Principals 2024”

  1. Hello,
    I didnot receive the certificate for Joyful Mathematics conducted by Ms.Ishita Mukherjee
    Chandigarh on 7.5.2021 at 13:45-14:45.
    I have attended the session, I have the the registered receipt for it.
    Kindly let me know by when I will receive the certificate.

  2. I have been registered for a free online training program conducting by Training Headquarters on 23rd May. Kindly help me to know about the timings and login details.

    Thank you

  3. I have registered for the topic – Importance Of Gratitude held on 19th May 2021. I have my receipt also. But I have not got any further I information regarding the session. I have not got any meeting link to join the session.Kindly help me with this.

  4. I have attended the complete session on role of theater and drama in classroom on 12th may 21 arranged by cbse headquarters. In the last quarter of this program a link was also shared, which was filled by me. Still attendance is not given to me. Without this i am unable to fill the feedback form also. Please tell me the exact email to contact as no email addresss is given for training headquarters and wherever iam sending the email ( including it cell ) they are asking me to contact concern coe. I have shared the screenshot of my response in each email, but no help is coming to me.

  5. Respected Ma’am/Sir
    I didn’t receive the certificate for Role of Theater & Drama in classroom by Ms Deepa Dogra on 12 May 2021 at 1600 hrs to 1700 hrs.I have attended the session also submit the google form feedback in the session.
    Kindly let me know by when i will receive the certificate.

  6. I am not in receipt of any link sent by CoE to attend the training on Salient Features of NEP 2020 scheduled on 21 May 2021 from 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm.
    How can I attend the training which is meant for the professional development of the teachers?

  7. Bharati Sudhakar Patil
    I have registered and attended the webinar yesterday’s ‘life Skills’. Held on 20/05/21 I have filled my attendance also but feedback form is not opening for me on my login so please help me.

  8. Respected sir.
    Iam Ashik pn from Kerala.I didn’t get so far the link for today’s free online teacher’s training program (content and time management)

  9. Respected Sir
    I m unable to register for any training session and didn’t get any mail from CBSE in my account. Kindly help me.

  10. Respected sir/ Madam ,
    I have completed Child Psychology – Understanding Developmental Stages training on the 18th and have also filled in the feedback from, but my presence on the cbse portal does not show and the certificate is not downloaded. My name is Sheetal V Nelge . My mail Id is (10279694@ )Please guide me. This is a humble request.

  11. Respected sir/ Madam ,
    I have completed Child Psychology – Understanding Developmental Stages training on the 18th and have also filled in the feedback from, but my presence on the cbse portal does not show and the certificate is not downloaded. My name is Sheetal V Nelge . I mail them twise but no reply from them .Please guide me. This is a humble request.

  12. I attended a meeting on 15/05/21 on Effective communication skills , hosted by Allahabad, Pragraj. My attendance was not marked. So I could not submit feedback form. Where and how to contact them for my attendance and certificate

  13. I attended the training on 13 th and 14 th July on health promoting schools and 21st century skills of Delhi west i have submitted the attendane and feedback but till the attendance is not marked.I already send the mail to COE

  14. Hello sir,
    The foundational course on literacy and numeracy on Diksha app is only offering 2 modules, but in circular it is mentioned that there will be 3 modules. Please help.


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