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Urgent Advisory regarding Fraudulent Activity of Wizcorp Edtech Pvt. Ltd

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has released a new CBSE Circular regarding “Urgent Advisory regarding Fraudulent Activity of Wizcorp Edtech Pvt. Ltd”. If you want to know all information regarding this latest circular then read the article till the end. This is to bring to your notice an urgent matter which requires immediate attention.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has recently been brought to the notice of a situation involving a company named Wijcorp Edtech Private Limited. It has come to the notice that this company is using a cover letter falsely attributing CBSE (Most Popular Education Board) to secure various government tenders and contracts within schools, particularly within the schools located in the state of Maharashtra.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) would like to categorically state that it has nothing to do with the letter being circulated by Wizcorp Edtech Pvt Ltd. Ltd. The letter in question has never been issued by the CBSE Board and any representation by any representative to suggest otherwise is fraudulent and misleading.

Central Board of Secondary Education cannot be held responsible for any financial or other loss that may arise on account of considering or accepting this fake and counterfeit letter. All schools and educational institutions related to CBSE are requested to exercise caution in their interactions with Wizcorp Edtech Pvt Ltd.

CBSE Education Board will actively pursue legal action against Wizcorp Edtech Pvt Ltd. for the dissemination of misleading information and fabricated fake letters.

You are requested to share this information with all the stakeholders, the school principal, and the school head to prevent any possible loss or misunderstanding. If you notice any additional suspicious activity related to this matter, the same may be reported to CBSE board officials immediately. Your cooperation in this matter is of utmost importance.

Official CBSE Circular PDF

Let us collectively stand against such malpractices and ensure the sanctity of the education ecosystem is protected.

My Name is Mukesh Kumar. I am a Teacher, Blogger, Educational Content Writer, and Founder of CBSE Digital Education.

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