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Less than 50% Pass Rate in CBSE 10 Compartment Exam 2023

Less than 50% Pass Rate in CBSE 10 Compartment Exam 2023: Less than 50% of students passed in the CBSE Class 10 compartment results, which educationists feel is a covid-19 differential effect.

The supplementary examination for classes 10 and 12 was conducted for the students under two categories, the first being “Compartment” (for those students who failed in the first attempt) and the second being ‘Improvement’ (for those students who have improved their scores as compared to the previous attempt).

Only 47.4% of students in the overall compartment category passed the exam, while there was not much to choose from on the basis of gender. Girls fared slightly better with 49.9% while boys’ performance stood at 46%.

Less than 50% Pass Rate in CBSE 10 Compartment Exam 2023 Reason

Some teachers also felt that this is the Covid gap effect. One such teacher explained, “People falling in the compartment category are obviously academically weak in those particular subjects. A small percentage are those school students who may have missed the board exam for health reasons and thus received zero marks. These students, now academically weak, were in class 8 in the session 2020-21 when the outbreak of Covid happened. Eighth grade is when the pace of studies increases along with the load.

The same teacher’s colleague agreed, saying, “But his eighth grade was 90% classes in online mode. Schools affiliated with CBSE opened very late in 2021 and that too with limited hours and only half the classes were coming. To be honest, the whole year’s studies were lost. Students who are academically weak naturally lag behind,” said the teacher.

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The academic year 2021-22, when these students entered Class IX, got off to a disastrous start due to the second wave of Covid. “Their backlog from last year continued and added. In class ninth, the workload increased manifold,” said the teacher, “in fact, some people say that ninth class is more difficult than tenth class. Whatever be said, the fact remains that school students will have to stay in the ‘Study Zone’ all the time to prepare for the board exams next year.”

While the 2022-23 academic session was a completely normal year with no mandatory Covid protocols in place, some CBSE school teachers felt the damage was done. Another senior teacher said, “We had online classes for class 9 and 10 students but it was quite clear that it was a disaster. As teachers, we may feel that although we are delivering the material online, the level of understanding was low. And for academically weak school students, it was terrifying.

All over India, approx 1.27 lakh students appeared in the Compartment Exam, out of which only 60,000 students passes the exam.

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