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Indian Army Quiz 2023: India’s Biggest Inter-School Quiz Competition

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Board has released the latest CBSE Circular regarding the Indian Army Quiz 2023. All Classes 6 to 10 students are eligible for this Indian Army Quiz 2023. Students of Classes 6 to 10 are advised to read this article entirely for complete details regarding the Indian Army Competition 2023.

The Indian Army is organizing a national quiz competition in 2023 for classes 6 to 10 students to commemorate and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Indian Army’s victory in the Kargil War against Pakistan in 1999 and to draw the attention of students in schools all over the country regarding the role of the Indian Army in nation building and transformational change.

Students of classes 6 to 10 are eligible to participate in this Indian Army Quiz. Apart from being subjected to an enriching and unique experience, the participant students/ mentors/ school could also win attractive certificates and prizes in the Indian Army Quiz 2023 competition. Registrations for this Quiz are open till 30 September 2023.

About Indian Army Quiz 2023

The Indian Army is organizing a national quiz competition for classes 6 to 10 students which will be the first of its kind in India. The aim of this Indian Army Quiz initiative, which will be hybrid – online and offline quizzing – is to draw the attention of students in schools across India to the role of the Indian Army in national development and transformational change.

The target audience of this Quiz competition includes boys and girls school students in the age group of 10 to 16 years – which roughly corresponds to students in Standards 6 to 10 – from the 1.5 Lakhs schools in India where the language of instruction is English as the main or second language.

The initiative of this Indian Army Quiz 2023 is expected to reach approximately 1.5 crore students and their teachers and parents across the country, taking the total reach to approximately 4 crore at the national level. The format of this competition will be one team of 3+1 students per school with girl students represented in each team from co-educational schools. All APS Schools, Goodwill Schools Vidyanjali Schools, Regimental Schools, and other Army-affiliated schools will be nominated to participate in this quiz competition.

We expect at least 15,000 schools from across the country to participate. The Indian Army competition will be three-tier with an online preliminary round, followed by semi-finals and finals at the command level in each of the six Army Commands culminating in the finals at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun on 3 December 2023.

The digital platforms currently in vogue will enhance engagement with students, teachers, and parents and traditional media platforms will provide credibility to support this Indian Army Competition initiative. All Schools across India will not be charged a fee to participate. In fact, the Army has a strong plan to give certificates to all the participating students and schools and give away several prizes for the winning teams at the command level and national finals.

The initiative of this quiz competition is supported by the Chief of Army Staff, AWWA, and the Adjutant General’s Branch and will see the active participation of the Army Welfare Education Society which oversees over 400 Army Public Schools in India.

Structure of Indian Army Quiz 2023


  • At least 12 thousand school teams will participate in the Round 1 quiz.
  • Each Indian Army quiz slot will be 10 minutes long, and each quiz will have 25 questions.
  • The team of Round 1 will log in and enter participant details. Three children from a school who participate in the Round 1 quiz will be considered the official team of that school for the rest of the quiz competition.
  • A ticker will appear on the quiz screen with details of the total schools registered and the schools playing or playing the game at that time.
  • The team of this Round will sit in front of a screen and turn on their camera. The Round 1 session of this quiz will be video recorded and saved on the back end.


  • The top 2000 teams of this quiz competition or the top 10%, whichever is higher, will advance to Round 2. The best team of this quiz competition from each district as well as the teams scoring more than the predetermined cutoff will be eligible to play in this round.
  • In this Round total of 50 questions will be asked in 20 minutes.
  • The official team of this round will log in; Confirm participant details, and take the Round 2 quiz.


  • The top 216 teams from across India will be shortlisted for Round 3 of this quiz competition, which is the quarter-final round.
  • The quarter-finals of this competition will be conducted live on stage by the quizmaster at various locations across the country.
  • Each quarter-final stage round of this Indian Army Quiz 2023 will feature 6 teams. There may be more than 6 teams at the same QF venue, in which case a written preliminary examination will be conducted at the venue, and the teams of this round will be divided into groups of 6 for the stage rounds. Each round of 6 will produce 2 qualifying teams for the semi-final round at the command level.
  • Therefore, a total of 72 champion teams will be sent from across the country in this round, which will then be divided into multiples of 6 across the 6 Army Commands.


  • This is an on-stage round. A total of 72 teams in this Round will meet at the command level, but the number of teams will vary in a particular command as the number of states/schools in different commands varies.
  • This round of quiz competition will have various quizzing formats and gameplay elements, multimedia questions, a buzzer system, etc.
  • In commands with more than 6 teams, the semi-final rounds of this Indian Army Competition 2023 will be conducted in multiples of 6 teams, and a total of 12 champion teams will be selected from all the commands for the National Finale.
  • A ticker will appear on the quiz screen containing details of total schools registered, and schools that are playing or playing at that time.
  • Teams of this round will sit in front of a screen and turn on their cameras. The session of this quiz competition will be video recorded and saved on the back end.


  • The National Round of this competition will consist of 2 semi-finals and a grand finale.
  • The top 12 school teams from 6 commands will assemble at IMA, Dehradun.
  • The 12 teams of this competition will be reduced to 6 (or 4) who will play a final hosted by a celebrity.
  • The top 3 teams of this competition will be chosen as the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up.

Indian Army Quiz 2023 Prize

School Level: School buses and laptops for SPOCS, souvenirs, and certificates.

Participant Level: Cash prize, laptop, memento, certificate, visit to military institutions across the country.

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You are requested to disseminate the above information about the Indian Army Quiz 2023 among the students of your school and encourage a maximum number of students to participate in this Indian Army Quiz 2023.

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