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Formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime

CBSE Education Board has released a new CBSE Circular regarding “Formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime” for Students, Teachers, and Principals of Schools. All important information regarding this latest CBSE Circular ” Formation of Cyber Clubs in School” is discussed in this article.

As more and more people use digital technology and the internet, it is really important to keep everything online secure. We hear a lot about data theft and cyber attacks, so it has become really necessary to know how to protect yourself. Learning about this stuff in school is a great thing as it helps us understand the risks and how to stay safe. It is very important for students to learn about things like cyber hygiene and potential online threats, especially because young people are often the target of cyber crimes.

Recognizing the importance of this issue, the Government of India has set up the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (I4C) under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The objective of this I4C center is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated framework to effectively deal with cybercrime. To spread awareness about cybercrime, the central government of India has taken several steps, including dissemination of messages through SMS, social media platforms such as Twitter (@Cyberdost), Facebook (CyberDostI4C), Instagram (cyberdosti4c), and Telegram (cyberdosti4c) involves using.

In addition, they have engaged MyGov to spread the message through various media channels in collaboration with the States/UTs to arrange dedicated weeks to raise awareness about cyber safety and security. He has also brought out a booklet for youth and students. Everyone involved is also being urged to join in and help create awareness among the public.

Formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime

In line with these efforts, the concept of creating cyber clubs in schools has been suggested during I4C meetings. By setting up cyber clubs, teachers can provide a platform for students to explore, learn, and excel in the field of cyber security and emerging technologies, thereby equipping them with the skills they need for their future success.

Therefore, school heads are requested to form a cyber club in their schools and adopt a more focused approach to promote cyber hygiene. A teacher, preferably with knowledge of cyber security, will be designated as the Cyber Nodal Officer, whose details are to be filled in the CBSE OASIS Portal. Advisories and cyber safety tips and suggestions will be sent regularly to schools through I4C or a teacher nominated by CBSE.

Cyber Club Suggested Activities

  • Bringing in experts to give talks, hands-on activities, and demos to students about staying safe online and the different jobs in cyber security.
  • Experts teach students how to use free tools on the computers at school, showing them how things work in real life.
  • Setting up a special area where news and pictures about keeping things secure online can be shown in the classroom.
  • To organize plays by students on topics like cyber fraud and cyber awareness.
  • Conducting cyber quizzes, competitions, and hackathons, encouraging all school students to participate in various cyber quizzes/olympiads.
  • Awarding of “Scholar Badge” to quiz winners or outstanding students actively involved in the dissemination of cyber awareness information.
  • Publication of a newsletter in regional languages on cyber security, cybercrime, and prevention of cybercrime. The material should be presented in an interesting and illustrative manner with infographics and interactivity to invite new ideas from the students.
  • Sharing daily cyber security tips with the students during the assembly session.
  • Organization of public awareness camps with active participation of cyber club members.
  • Do’s and Don’ts related to Cyber Security to be prepared and displayed at prominent places in the school?

Through collaborative efforts of schools, teachers, and students, these cyber clubs can make a significant contribution towards promoting a secure digital environment and reducing cyber threats in our society.

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We hope after reading this article, you will get some important information related to the Formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime. If you want to ask any question related formation of CYBER CLUBS in Schools for Developing an Ecosystem to Prevent Cybercrime, then you must write in the comment section given below. I will try my best to answer it.

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