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Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of NEP-2020 through CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign

CBSE board has released a new Circular on its official website regarding the “Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary of NEP-2020 through CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign”. Readers are advised to read the complete article till the end for complete information regarding CBSE New Circular.

To celebrate the third anniversary of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) proposes to launch a sensitization campaign for schools and students on environmental concerns such as energy conservation, wastage of food in social gatherings, hazards of electronic waste, conservation of petroleum is kept products, plastic pollution, etc.

CBSE One Child One Plant Campaign

The CBSE board authority also proposes a massive tree plantation drive called “CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign” in all schools from 29 July 2023 to 28 August 2023.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 also emphasizes proper integration of environmental awareness and sensitivity towards its conservation and sustainable development. Hence, environmental education becomes an integral part of the school curriculum. Therefore, in this background, it is proposed that all schools shall initiate the following actions:

  • Environmental awareness programs on a large scale through ECO-CLUBS in schools which may include themes like water and energy conservation, prevention of wastage of resources, pollution control, etc.
  • Every school affiliated with the CBSE board should ask each of its students (all classes) to plant a sapling wherever convenient, whether on the school premises or at home/house or in the boundaries of playgrounds, or at any other place accessible to them.
  • Various environmental concerns, the importance of tree plantation, conservation of resources, etc. can be discussed in the class. Students can also discuss the variety/species of trees/plants planted, its benefits, its occurrence, the kind of look after it requires, etc. This will help the school students to engage better with the activity.
  • As part of the activities organized under the eco-clubs set up in schools, students can be given the responsibility of planting trees and monitoring them for their growth.
  • Schools should also plan other similar activities to create awareness among the school students for environmental protection.

A brief report of the activities (with 2-3 photographs) launched by the CBSE board may be uploaded by the schools on the link given below before 31st August 2023:

Official Notification and Direct Link for Upload the Activity

All schools are requested to spread the above information among all schools, and stakeholders and encourage more and more students to participate in the ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’ to make them aware of the environment and make the CBSE One Child One Plant campaign a great success.

My Name is Mukesh Kumar. I am a Teacher, Blogger, Educational Content Writer, and Founder of CBSE Digital Education.

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