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CBSE Passing Marks For Class 10th 2024

If you want to know about CBSE Passing Marks For Class 10th and 12th 2024, then read this article completely to know how many marks must be scored to pass the CBSE board exam. In this article, you will also be told about the passing marks of theory and practical exams.

The passing marks for classes 10 and 12 are set by the CBSE board. These passing marks are the minimum marks, students who score less than this will be considered failed by the CBSE board, hence all students will have to score at least the minimum marks given by CBSE to pass.

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To pass the CBSE board exam, students will have to score at least 33% marks, only then they will be considered passed. Class 10 and 12 students must score at least 33% marks in each subject. CBSE has kept the minimum percentage of 33% to pass the board exam.

CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10th, 12th 2024 Highlights

Now let us see the overview of CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10th and 12th for Board Exam 2024.

ExaminationCBSE Annual Board Exam
Board NameCentral Board of Secondary Education
Passing Marks for Class 10Minimum of 33% Marks
Passing Marks for Class 12Minimum of 33% Marks

CBSE Passing Marks Criteria for Class 10th

Now we will know subject-wise Total marks and minimum passing marks for class 10 students. We will know how many marks each subject carries and how many marks students have to score to pass.

SubjectsTotal MarksPassing Marks
Elements of Book and Accountancy10033
Elements of Business10033
English (Language & Literature)10033
English Communicative10033
Hindi A10033
Hindi B10033
Home Science10033
Computer Science10033
Basic Mathematics10033
Standard Mathematics10033
Social Science10033
Hindustan Music (Melodic)10033
Hindustani Music (Percussion)10033
Hindustani Music (Vocal)10033
Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments10033
Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments10033
Carnatic Music Vocal10033
Rai Language10033
Telugu Telangana10033
Urdu A10033
Urdu B10033

CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10 Theory Subject

The maximum marks and minimum passing marks of the theory subject have been discussed for you in the table below.

SubjectsMaximum MarksMinimum Passing Marks
Social Science8027
Language Paper8027

CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10 Practical Subjects

The maximum marks and minimum passing marks of the Practical subject have been discussed for you in the table below.

SubjectsMaximum Marks in Practical ExamMinimum Passing Marks for Practical Subjects
Social Science206
Language Paper206

CBSE Class 10 Passing Marks 2024 Detail Analysis

Now let us understand in a table the maximum marks and passing marks for passing the board exam by doing theory and practical subjects. You have to get the marks mentioned below to pass in theory and practical subjects.

SubjectsTotal MarksTheory Total MarksTheory Passing MarksPractical Total MarksPractical Passing MarksTheory + Practical Passing Marks
Elements of Book and Accountancy100802720633
Elements of Business100802720633
English (Language & Literature)100802720633
English Communicative100802720633
Hindi A100802720633
Hindi B100802720633
Home Science100802720633
Computer Science100802720633
Basic Mathematics100802720633
Standard Mathematics100802720633
Social Science100802720633
Hindustan Music (Melodic)100802720633
Hindustani Music (Percussion)100802720633
Hindustani Music (Vocal)100802720633
Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments100802720633
Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments100802720633
Carnatic Music Vocal100802720633

What to do if one does not get the minimum passing marks?

Any candidate who does not score the minimum passing marks specified by the board in the CBSE board exam will be considered failed. If you feel that you have been given less marks by the board, then you can get your copy rechecked. The board will check your copy again and if you have written more marks in your copy then your marks may increase.

There is another way for failed candidates to pass this year. Students who failed the board exam can save their 1 year from wasting by passing the CBSE class 10 compartment exam. The compartment exam is held after 2 months of the result. For that, candidates will have to fill the application form for the compartment exam, appear in the compartment exam, and pass that exam.

CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10 2024

Students should also keep in mind all the points given below for CBSE Class 10 Passing Criteria:

  • The Examination Conducting Board (CBSE) will not announce the overall divisions, specialties, or total marks.
  • To get the passing certificate, students should aim to get at least “D” grade.
  • To pass, students will have to pass the theory and practical subjects of each subject.
  • Students of class 10 obtaining Grade E (less than 33% marks) in all five subjects will be considered failed.
  • Those who fail two theory subjects in the board exam will have to appear in the CBSE 10th compartment exam 2024.
  • Compartment exams provide an opportunity for all failed students to improve their marks and qualify class 10 exam.

FAQs on CBSE Passing Marks for Class 10th

What are the passing marks for CBSE Class 10th exams in 2024?

CBSE Class 10 students have to score at least 33% marks in both theory and practical subjects to pass the board exam.

How many marks will class 10 students have to score in theory subjects to pass?

Theory subject is 80 marks in which passing marks have to be 27.

Are there any specific passing marks for individual subjects in CBSE Class 10th exams?

Yes, each subject has its own passing marks. Class 10 students should aim to score at least 33% marks in each subject to pass.

What to do if students could not score 33% marks?

Students who cannot score 33% marks will fail. However, students can pass the compartment exam in the same year.

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