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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2022-23

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2022-23: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has released the Revised CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus for Board Exam 2023. In this revised syllabus, 30% of the syllabus has been removed. In this article, we talk about it remove topics. Read the article till the end for complete information regarding CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2022-23.

Central Board of Secondary Education has made available the latest syllabus for Senior Secondary students (2022-23) studying Chemistry. Actually, the latest revised syllabus of all the subjects of the Science stream is available on the official CBSE academic website at Since the CBSE board has decided to follow the pre-pandemic structure of the annual board examinations, the syllabus of several subjects has been revised.

Aspirants of Class 12 can easily get the Deleted Syllabus of CBSE 2022-23 Chemistry Subjects. Chemistry Subjects is an important subject for the class 11 and 12 Board Exam. It doesn’t matter whether the main subject an aspirant has is PCM or PCB, both include Chemistry.

Starting with the removed syllabus,

The latest course structure 2022-23 with marks distribution is listed here unit-wise:

1Solutions (15 Periods)7
2Electrochemistry (18 Periods)9
3Chemical Kinetics (15 Periods)7
4d and f-Block Elements (18 Periods)7
5Coordination Compounds (18 Periods)7
6Haloalkanes and Haloarenes (15 Periods)6
7Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers (14 Periods)6
8Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids (15 Periods)8
9Amines (14 Periods)6
10Biomolecules (18 Periods)7

Chemistry subject is a theoretical and concept-based subject. So if a student’s concept is not clear, he/she may not score well in this important chemistry subject. So the aspirant needs to practice well to get high marks in this chemistry subject.

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We have provided all topics of the chemistry removed syllabus class 12 for CBSE aspirants so that you can plan about the subject and get better marks in your chemistry exam 2022-23.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2022-23 (Check Removed Topics)

Now, check the complete list of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry deleted syllabus for Board Exam 2023:

Unit NameDeleted Topics
Unit IV: Surface ChemistryWhole Chapter Removed
Unit V: General Principal and Processes of Isolation of ElementsWhole Chapter Removed
Unit VI: p-Block ElementsWhole Chapter Removed
Unit XII: Organic Compounds Containing NitrogenCyanides and Isocyanides
Renamed to Amines (Unit 9)
Unit XIII: BiomoleculesWhole Chapter Removed
Unit XIV: PolymersWhole Chapter Removed

All students of Class 12 must check the complete information of the removed chapters or topics to avoid reading irrelevant material. Prepare for your CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Board Exam 2022-23 as per the reduced CBSE 12th Chemistry syllabus.

We hope you like this article about CBSE Class 12 Deleted Chemistry Syllabus 2022-23. If you want to ask any queries regarding the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2022-23 then message us in the comment section, and we will reply to you soon. Share this article with your Friends, Teachers, and Parents.

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