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Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024

Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024: CBSE Board has published a new notice about which all school students should know. This notice is about the “Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024” which all school students should know. It tells about all the upcoming school-based activities. All students should read this article so that they can know about all the upcoming activities.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, New Delhi) is dedicated to providing top-class education that nurtures its students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural development. With a commitment to fostering a learning environment that empowers the future citizens of our country, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) aims to produce individuals who can emerge as global leaders in our rapidly evolving, knowledge-driven society. The Board authority is determined to create a stress-free educational environment to nurture capable, confident, and enterprising individuals for the country.

In line with this visionary vision, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE Education Board) has initiated and continuously conducted a diverse range of student enrichment activities throughout the year. These enrichment activities programs include the Expression Series, Heritage India Quiz, Science Challenge, Science Exhibition, Aryabhata Maths Challenge, Reading Challenge, Storytelling Competition, Sports and Games competitions, and more.

Looking ahead to the year ahead, the CBSE board authority will continue to organize these existing activities and also unveil new initiatives. A comprehensive calendar released by CBSE detailing these student enrichment activities planned for 2024 is provided in Annexure-A.

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These enrichment activities given in Annexure A play an important role in not only promoting the cognitive, social, and emotional development of students but also in introducing them to a variety of activities that encourage the exploration of new hobbies and interests. The primary objective of these enrichment activities is to equip students with the necessary skills and attitudes to face and overcome future challenges.

Important Guidelines for School

The board has also given some important guidelines for all the schools, about which all the schools should know. These activities will continue throughout the year, hence along with studies, this activity also has to be carried out properly.

Guidelines 1: Organize these CBSE Enrichment activities 2024 given in the calendar during the year by integrating them into the school calendar/regular school activities.

Guidelines 2: Prepare an annual action plan by the school for the effective implementation of these activities.

Guidelines 3: Ensure the appointment of a nodal teacher in the school to plan and conduct these CBSE enrichment activities and report on the CBSE ASAR app.

Guidelines 4: Ensure the participation of each student (as per his/her interest) in at least two activities organized by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) during the year. Students’ participation in these CBSE Enrichment activities should be reflected in their portfolios as part of the internal assessment.

Guidelines 5: Share these enrichment activities information with relevant stakeholders and encourage them to take advantage of these opportunities.

Guidelines 6: Visit the CBSE official board website at and for regular updates on these activities.


Calendar of Student Enrichment Activities 2024

School Heads of CBSE affiliated Schools are requested to motivate their students to participate in these enrichment activities for their overall development and immediately report the participation details on the CBSE ASAR App (Associated School Activity Report) available on PlayStore for Android phones.

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