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BRICS Math Online Competition 2022 for Classes 1 to 12 Students

Welcome To CBSE Digital Education. Today We Are Going To Discuss A Interesting Topic About BRICS Math Online Competition 2022. In this article, we discuss all the important information regarding BRICS Math Competition 2022.

The BRICSMATH Competition 2022 in Mathematics is being conducted online on the official website of BRICSMATH. All important details are discussed in this article.

About BRICSMATH Online Competition 2022

BRICSMATH is an annual International Online Competition in Mathematics, for students of classes 1 to 12 held in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) as well as in Indonesia and Vietnam.

The competition is held online on the official website of BRICSMATH and is completely free. To participate in the BRICS MATH Online Competition 2022, a student must have access to a computer/laptop or tablet connected to the Internet.

Aim of BRICSMATH Online Competition 2022

The purpose of the Online BRICSMATH competition is to arouse interest in mathematics and develop logical reasoning skills, as well as to unite children from different countries. The fun and interactive tasks of this Maths Competition 2022 are designed as a kid-friendly game.

The assignments inspire the students to think out of the box but do not require any in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum.

BRICS Math Online Competition 2021 Details

NameBRICS Math Competition 2022
CountryBrazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa as well as Indonesia and Vietnam
BeneficiariesStudents of Classes 1 to 12
FEEFree of Cost

Main Goal of BRICS Math Competition 2022

The main goal of the BRICSMath Contest is to develop the logical skills of the students, broaden their minds & help them to understand some basic concepts that they can apply in real life.

Interactive Tasks on BRICSMATH

Students who complete BRICSMATH tasks on logic & spatial thinking try new non-standard approaches, learn to analyze and look for rational solutions and develop their logical reasoning skills.

The 5th BRICSMATH Competition in Mathematics is being conducted online on the official website of BRICSMATH. The schedule of Brics Math Competition 2022 is given below.

Event and Dates of BRICS Math Competition 2021

Preparation Round17 January 2022 to 31 March 2022
Trial Round
October 2022
Main Round
November 2022

All school heads are requested to voluntarily encourage their students to participate in the competition.

How do I participate in BRICSMATH Competition 2022?

Teachers and parents can register for BRICS Mathematics Competition 2022 on behalf of their students/children. Application forms are issued in online mode. Follow the following steps to fill the BRICS Math Registration 2022 Form:

Step I: Visit the official website of BRICSMATH or Click here for the Registration Page

Step II: After clicking on the above link a new page will open. On that new page, there will be a “Sign Up” button. Click on the “Sign Up” button and create a BRICSMATH Competition login ID and Password.

Step III: Open the Teacher/Parent signup form.

Step IV: Choose your Country, Language, State/Region, School Board, how did you hear about us, and then click on the continue button.

Step V: Fill in the details of your Email ID (your future login), Password, and Confirm Password and then click on the continue button.

Step VI: Fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number then click on the “Sign Up” button.

Step VII: After clicking the “Sign Up” button, a new page will open. On that new page, you will get the option “Add a Class”. After “Add a Class” click on Save Button.

Step VIII: After clicking the “Save Button”, Register your students for the competition page to open. On this registration page, you will be able to register your student.

Step IX:  Fill in the First Name and Last Name of the Students then click on the Save Button. After Click the Save Button, Students’ Login and password details are generated. Note it down and share the same with the student.

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