Free Online Teacher Training Program on Conducive Learning Environment

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases a circular about “Free Online Teacher Training Program on Conducive Learning Environment 2022”. Today, we are going to discuss this Conductive Learning Environment training Program.

CBSE Digital Education provides complete information regarding the Conducive Learning Environment Training Program for Teachers. Read the article till the end for complete information about this teacher training program 2022.

Teacher Training Program on Conducive Learning Environment 2022

Creating an environment conducive to learning means establishing the basic conditions that must be present for children to learn. The required physical content of learning, learner-centered pedagogy, integration of social and emotional aspects of learning, recognition of individual differences, creating horizontal relationships, and assessment for learning are some of the factors that lead to conditions that are conducive to learning and ensure achievement of learning outcomes in a threat-free environment.

Aim of the Conducive Learning Environment 

With the aim of guiding our teachers in creating an environment in a formal educational setting where learning flourishes for all and mechanisms in place for appropriate monitoring, continuous self-assessment, and development, CBSE is launching an online training program on “Conducive Learning Environment”.

The program includes curricular resources, videos, and assessment activities to complete the curriculum. Additional resources are provided in the References section for extended learning. It is an online course of 5 hours that can be completed at your own pace in asynchronous mode.

Schedule of Conducive Learning Environment Training Program

Key Feature of Teacher Training Program on Conducive Learning Environment

  • Course materials and assessments will be available in the relevant Google Classroom.
  • The link to the classes will be available on the official website of the Conducive Learning Environment. The link to classes on the above domain will be changed when a cohort is filled.
  • Participants are advised to join only one Cohort and use the current link available at the time of joining.
  • Participants can attend class and assessment using their ID only.
  • The board has shared the ID of the teachers with the schools through the CBSE Center of Excellence. Teachers who have not got the ID can contact the Respective Center of Excellence through their respective schools. Individual requests will not be considered.
  • E-certificates will be provided to the participants on the successful completion of the assessment.
  • Assessment links in class will be available to the participants from 15th February 2022.
  • The participants are advised to fill out the assessment form very carefully. A participant can submit an assessment only once.
  • The spelling of the name & email id should be double-checked before submitting the assessment form. Any mistake will be visible on the certificate.
  • Participants can download their certificates from 10 February 2022 onwards from CBSE Training Portal.
  • It may take 15-20 days to upload the certificate on the training portal after completion of the assessment.

Contact for any Query for Conducive Learning Environment 

Principals and teachers of all the schools affiliated with the board are requested to attend these Conducive Learning Environment courses. If you have any queries, welcome at:

Support[email protected]


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