Project Veer Gatha Edition 2 for Classes 3 to 12

Second Edition of Project Veer Gatha: The Gallantry Awards have been instituted by the Government of India (GoI) to honor the acts of bravery and sacrifice of officers/personnel of the Armed Forces, other legally constituted forces, and civilians. These gallantry awards are announced twice a year on the occasion of the national festival “Republic Day and Independence Day“.

In order to disseminate the details of the acts of bravery and the life stories of these Bravehearts among the students, it is proposed by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to motivate the school students to take up projects/activities based on gallantry awards winners. Accordingly, the first edition of Project Veer Gatha was conducted from August 2021 to January 2022 for schools affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and State Boards.

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In pursuance of the gallantry, the students took up various projects on these gallantry award winners and the best projects were awarded nationally by the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education (MoE) on 12 August 2022.

MoD in coordination with MoE has now decided to launch the second edition of Project Veergatha which is proposed to conclude with a prize distribution ceremony in January 2023.

Interdisciplinary and art-integrated activities such as poetry/essay/story/paragraph/painting/drawing, and video, can be considered as project activities for students.

Topic and Category of Veer Gatha Project Second Edition

CategoryActivity/ Entry in the
form of the following
Classes 3rd to 5thPoem/Paragraph (150
words)/Story (150
Classes 6th to 8thPoem/Essay (300 words) /
Story (300 words) Painting/
Drawing / Video
Classes 9th to 10thPoem/Essay (750 words) /
Story (750 words)
Painting/ Drawing / Video
Classes 11th to 12thPoem/Essay (1000
words)/Story (1000 words)
Painting / Drawing /

Timeline for Conducting Activities by Schools affiliated to CBSE

CBSE to issue official notices to
their respective schools.
16 September 2023
Organizing/coordinating meetings with gallantry award
winners by field units/organization of orientation
programs/virtual/online/in-person sessions by field
units in association with schools and CBSE Regional Offices.
13 September 2022 to
13 November 2022
Conducting activities at the school level: Aspirants will
Execute project activities under the overall supervision of
6 October 2022 to
10 November 2022
Schools to upload one best entry per category, a total of 4
from each school at the CBSE Veergatha portal.
1 November 2022 to
22 November 2022
Entries submitted by the schools are to be evaluated
at the regional level as per the rubric given in Annex I.
CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is to finalize
the number of entries at the regional level. For
national-level selection, the authenticity and
originality of the entry being submitted will need to
be verified. Selected entries will be sent to the
committee for national-level evaluation.
25 November 2022 to
10 December 2022
MoE will designate a committee for national-level
assessment in CBSE.
25 November 2022 to
10 December 2022
National level assessment by a committee
nominated by MoE.
12 December 2022 to
30 December 2022
Handing over the results to the Ministry of Defence.31 December 2022

Registration at Gallantry Award Portal (GAP)

Schools will need to register all participating students on the official website at the Gallantry Award Portal of the MoD. A unique ID will be given to all the registered aspirants. If a student’s entry is selected at the school level, the Unique ID will also be filled while submitting the entry on the official CBSE/Veergatha portal. In addition, all unique IDs will be sent to the Ministry of Defence.

Portal for Submission: CBSE Schools will submit one best entry from each category at the CBSE-Veer Gatha Project Portal on the official website of CBSE at Maximum 4 entries (one from each category) can be uploaded from one school.

Please note that the official portal called CBSE Veer Gatha Project Portal will be open for submission of entries from 1st November to 22nd November 2022. Schools affiliated with CBSE should not wait for the last date to submit the best entries. Collectively 25 best entries from the participants on CBSE and MyGov portal will be selected for the awards as per the following details:

ClassesEntries to be Selected
Classes 3rd to 5th6
Classes 6th to 8th6
Classes 9th to 10th6
Classes 11th to 12th7

Awards in CBSE Veer Gatha Project Edition 2

The 25 selected entries will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- by the Ministry of Defence.

Each of the 25 winners will be invited to the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi.

All the students whose entry is uploaded on the CBSE Veer Gatha portal will get an e-certificate of participation.

Click Here to View Official Notification of Veer Gatha Project

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