CBSE announces New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Board Exam

CBSE announces New Assessment Scheme for  2021-22 Board Exam for Class 10, 12 Students

Complete Details About CBSE New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Board Exam:

COVID-19 pandemic caused almost all CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools to function in a virtual model for most of the academic session of 2020-21. Due to the extreme risk associated with the conduct of CBSE board examinations during the Second wave of Coronavirus in April 2021, CBSE had to cancel both its class 10 and 12 board examinations for the year 2021 and the results are to be declared on the basis of credible, reliable, flexible and valid alternative assessment policy.

The situation, in turn, remains in place for deliberating on alternative ways of looking at learning objectives as well as the conduct of board examinations for the academic session 2021-22.

Special Scheme of Assessment for Board Examination Classes 10 and 12 for Academic Session 2021-22

CBSE has also conducted stakeholder consultations with Government schools as well as private independent schools from across the country especially schools from the remote rural areas and most of them have requested for the rationalization of the Curriculum (syllabus), similar to last year in view of reduced time permitted for organizing online classes.

New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22

The Board has also considered took note of the concerns regarding the availability of electronic devices, connectivity, and effectiveness of online learning, and other socio-economic issues especially with respect to students from economically weaker sections and students living in remote areas of the country.

In a survey conducted by CBSE, it was revealed that the notified rationalized syllabus for the academic session 2020-21 was effective in covering the syllabus for schools and helped the learners to achieve the learning objectives in a less stressful manner.

In the above background and in line with the Board’s continued focus on assessing prescribed learning outcomes based on examination competencies and core concepts, student-centered, transparent, technology-driven, and advanced provision of options for various future scenarios, the following schemes have been launched for the academic session 2021-22 of class 10 and 12.


New CBSE Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Academic Session 

  • The academic session will be divided into two sessions (or terms) with approximately 50% syllabus in each session: The syllabus for the Academic session 2021-22 will be divided into 2 terms by following a systematic approach by looking into the interconnectivity of concepts and subjects by the Subject Experts and the CBSE Board will conduct examinations at the end of each term on the basis of the bifurcated syllabus. This is done to increase the probability of having a CBSE Board conducted classes 10 and 12 examinations at the end of the academic session.
  • The syllabus for the CBSE Board examination 2021-22 will be rationalized similar to that of the last academic session to be notified in July 2021. For academic transactions, however, the schools will follow the syllabus & curriculum issued by the CBSE Board through circular no. F.1001/CBSE Academics/Courses/2021 Dated 31st March 2021. Schools will also use alternative academic calendars and inputs from the NCERT on transacting the curriculum.
  • Efforts will be made to make the internal assessment/practical/project work more reliable and valid as per the guidelines and moderation policy announced by the Board to ensure fair distribution of marks.


Details of Curriculum Transaction of Special Assessment Scheme for Class 10/12

  • Until the authorities allow the individual modes of teaching in schools, schools will continue to teach in distance mode.
  • Classes 9-10: Internal assessment (throughout the year-irrespective of Term I and II) will consist of 3 periodic tests, student enrichment, portfolio, and practical assignments/speaking listening activity/project.
  • Classes 11-12: Internal Assessment (across the year – irrespective of the duration of I and II) will consist of end-of-topic or unit tests / exploratory activities/exercises/projects.
  • Schools will create a student profile for all assessments done throughout the year and maintain the evidence in a digital format.
  • CBSE Board will facilitate schools to upload internal assessment marks on the CBSE IT Portal platform.
  • Guidelines for internal assessment of all subjects with the rational duration-wise divided syllabus for the academic session 2021-22 will also be issued. The Board will also provide additional resources like sample papers, questions bank, CBSE teacher training, etc for a more reliable and valid internal assessment.

New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Academic Term-I Examinations

  • At the end of the first term, the Board will conduct the Term-I examination in a flexible schedule to be held between November-December 2021 with a window period of 4 to 8 weeks for schools located in different parts of the country and abroad. The dates for the conduct of examinations will be notified later.
  • The question paper will consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with case-based MCQs and MCQs on the assertion-reasoning type. The duration of the test will be 90 minutes and will cover only the rational syllabus of Term-I (i.e. about 50% of the entire syllabus).
  • The question papers along with the marking scheme will be sent to the schools by CBSE.
  • The examination will be conducted under the supervision of Outstation Center Superintendents and Observers appointed by CBSE.
  • The responses of students will be recorded on OMR sheets which, after scanning may be directly uploaded at the CBSE portal or alternatively may be evaluated and the marks obtained will be uploaded by the school on the same day. The final instructions in this regard will be conveyed to the schools by the examination unit of the board.
  • The marks of the Term-I examination will contribute to the final overall score of the students.

New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Academic Term II Examination

Some Important Point about New Assessment Scheme for 2021-22 Academic Term-II Exams:

  • At the end of the second term, the Board will conduct the Term-II or Year-end examination only on the basis of Term-II reasonable syllabus (i.e. about 50% of the entire syllabus).
  • This exam will be conducted around March-April 2022 at the examination centers set by the board.
  • The paper will be of two hours duration and will have questions of different formats (case-based/ situation based, open-ended- short answer/ long answer type).
  • If the situation is not conducive for General Descriptive Test, an MCQ-based test of 90 minutes will be conducted at the end of Term-II also.
  • The marks of the Term-II examination will contribute to the final overall score.

New Assessment/Examination as per different situations

(A). If the pandemic situation improves and students are able to come to the schools or centers to take the exams.

The Board will conduct Term-I and Term-II examinations at schools/centers and the theory marks will be distributed equally between both the examinations.

(B). If schools are completely closed during November-December 2021 due to pandemic situation but Term II examination is conducted at schools or centers.

Term-I MCQ-based examination will be conducted online/offline by the students from home – in this case, the weightage marks of this exam will be reduced for the final score, and the weightage marks of the Term-II exam will be increased for the declaration of the final result.

(C). If schools are completely closed during March-April 2022 due to a pandemic situation but Term I examination is conducted at schools or centers.

The results will be based on the performance of the students on the Term-I MCQ-based exams & internal assessment. The weightage of marks in the Term-I examination conducted by the CBSE Board will be increased for providing year-end results for the candidates.

(E). If the schools are completely closed in the event of a pandemic and the Term-I and Term-II exams conducted by the board in the session 2021-22 are taken from home by the candidates.

The results will be calculated on the basis of the Internal Assessment/Practical/Project Work and Theory marks of Term-I and Term-II exams taken by the candidate from home in Class 10/12 subject to the moderation or other measures to ensure validity & reliability of the assessment.

In all the above cases, data analysis of marks of students will be done to ensure the integrity of internal assessment and home-based examinations.


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