CBSE launches COVID-19 Mental Health and Well-being Survey for Students

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases a new circular regarding Mental Health and Well-being Survey for students of classes 6 to 12.

CBSE Digital Education provides complete information about Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2022 for students. Read the article till the end for complete information about this survey.

The New National Policy on Education 2020 has highlighted mental health as one of the major concerns for optimum development and learning of children.

The unprecedented circumstances following the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic including the closure of schools, a new system of online classes, uncertainty about exams and future careers, restrictions on outdoor activities due to the lockdown, etc have created tension and anxiety among many students, calling for empathetic handling through psychosocial support.

Mental Health and Well-being Survey 2022: The Ministry of Education (MoE) has launched the ‘MANODARPAN’ initiative, covering a wide range of activities to provide psychosocial support to students, teachers, and families for mental health and emotional well-being during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and beyond.

Among the various activities being undertaken under the Manodarpan initiative, a mental health and wellness survey is being conducted for the students of classes 6th to 12th in different regions of the country.

How to participate for Mental Health and Well-being Survey

The mental health and well-being survey 2022 is being conducted using Google Form available at the following link:

Step I: Visit the official website of CBSE at or click this link to direct visit to the Google form Page.

Step II: After clicking the above link, the google form open.

Step III: Enter all the details asked in the google form. You fill all 9 pages given in the google form.

Step IV: After filling all the details asked in the google form then click on “Submit” button.

A short video describing the purpose of the survey and the steps for its administration has also been developed to facilitate easy administration of the survey by school heads and teachers. The video is available at the Official website. Click this link to play Short Video available on the official website.

The information/feedback is to be filled in in the Google Form by the students. You are requested to spread the information among the students of your school and encourage the students to fill in the google form. Please ensure that the duly filled forms are submitted at the earliest but positively not submitted after 10th March 2022.

We hope that after reading this article you must have got detailed information about how to fill google survey form. I hope you like this article about the Mental Health and Well-being by CBSE. If you want to ask any queries regarding the Covid-19 Mental Health and Well-being then message us in the comment section, and we will reply to you soon.

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