CBSE Calls for Strengthening of Sahodaya Movement 2022

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases a new circular regarding the Strengthening of Sahodaya Movement. In this article, we discuss all important information regarding this circular and How to Register for New Sahodaya School.

The Sahodaya School Complex came into existence in the year 1986 to facilitate the synergy of ideas among CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools. Sahodaya Vidyalaya Campus (SSC) is a group of neighborhood schools that are voluntarily coming together to share their innovative practices in all aspects of school education, including curriculum design, assessment, and pedagogy, and encourage teachers and students also hold hands to provide support services.

There is no doubt that a great deal of knowledge is generated when a team or group committed to a common goal undertakes re-modeling and re-fashioning in a spirit of caring and sharing. Thus, Sahodaya introduces the relevance of cooperative learning and collaborative networking. This is further facilitated by the National Annual Conference of Sahodaya School Complexes (SSC) held every year to provide a larger platform for knowledge sharing and critically examine the relevant issues to develop a viable and effective framework of action.

Presently there are more than 250 Sahodaya School Complexes across the country. It is necessary to strengthen the Sahodaya movement by taking it to remote and under-represented areas so that good practices can be shared widely across the country.

Creation of a New Sahodaya School Complex

To create Sahodaya School Complex (SSC) in a city, neighboring schools can collaborate with each other and follow the procedure given below:

The last date for registration is 30 April 2022. Please note that Sahodaya School Complexes not registered on the CBSE Sahodaya Micro website will not be recognized by the Board.

Five to ten schools that are geographically located close to each other can come together to organize themselves into SSC on a voluntary basis. The principal of any one school can convene a meeting of the principals of all the member schools and select the president, secretary, treasurer, and other office bearers on a rotation basis for a fixed period of two/three years. They can give a name to their Sahodaya School Complex. In a district, there can be more than one SSC depending on the number of schools and geographical location.

The members can prepare a set of bye-laws for SSC (Sahodaya School Complex) for the purposes of voluntary body, functions of office bearers, term of office, etc., list of main activities, periodicity of meetings, subscription, etc.

An account can be opened in a local bank in the name of SSC which can be operated jointly by any two office-bearers. The account should be audited annually and the statement should be circulated to all the members.

An official website of SSC can be developed. An action plan for the whole year may be prepared in consultation with all the members. Duties for running various programs can be allocated among the members.

Members should meet at least once a month to review activities and discuss any issues of an academic nature.

Once SSC has been constituted, a set of bye-laws for the functioning of SSC has been prepared and a website has been developed, please register SSC on CBSE Sahodaya Portal.

Registration of a New SSC and already existing SSCs

Registration of a new SSC – Once the Sahodaya School Complex (SSC) is created, please register it on the official link given below:

Registration of Existing SSC – Active SSC needs to register afresh on the official CBSE Sahodaya Micro website on the above-shared link to streamline the process of registration of SSC. It is mandatory for all existing Sahodaya School campuses to register on the CBSE Sahodaya Micro website. The last date for registration is 30 April 2022. Please note that Sahodaya School Complexes not registered on the CBSE Sahodaya Micro website will not be recognized by the Board.

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